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The Board has had an interim meeting to review safety protocols for the club members attending any workshop, meeting or event either at the Rochester School For the Deaf or elsewhere.  We have noticed some problems with the emails and ask that you check your regular email and junk file – as the group emails from the Club may be going to your junk mail as possible spam. 

The following are the protocols we will be following – and ask for your understanding and cooperation.  These are meant to keep everyone safe while maintaining our relationship with the school. Check yourself before any club event/function, and,  If you have any of the following – we ask that you stay home and do not attend any club events.  Please know that you are welcome to return when you no longer have symptoms or have completed a quarantine. 

COVID -19 SYMPTOMS (taken from Monroe County…yes, we know these cover many different ailments so use discretion when determining if you think you have COVID) PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS EXCLUDED…if you know you have had some of these symptoms and nothing is abruptly new, use your best judgement on attending an in-person event:

-Temperature of 100.0 degrees Ferenheit or higher
-Body Aches
-Severe fatigue
-Congestion/runny nose (not related to allergies)
-Sore throat (not related to allergies)
-Loss of Taste or Smell
-Loss of appetite
-Difficulty breathing
-Close contact to someone who has COVID-19
-Travelled within the last 14-days to any area on the quarantine list

Wear a mask if you are unable to maintain 6-ft social distancing.

There will be 2 ways to sign in at the club – the usual sign in book for machine usage (at Lab on Wednesday and Saturday) and a RLS Contact Tracing Form to be used at all events/functions (as required by Department of Health and RSD).  The Contact Tracing Form will list your name and phone number only – and destroyed after 2 weeks.

If we notice anyone exhibiting any symptoms listed above (not allergy related) you will be asked to leave and not return until you are symptom free.  These measures are being taken to safeguard each other, the staff and students at the RSD.  The equipment and furniture at RSD will be sanitized before our events begin and at the end of each event.  We will also have gloves, sanitizer and masks if needed.

Please remember to get your membership renewal information to Dan Sperber or any board member.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we continue to navigate our way though these unique times.

Carol Summerhays

President, Rochester Lapidary Society

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