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Membership – How do I join this club?

Membership to our club is open everyone.  Guests are welcome at any workshop or meeting.

Q: What do I have to do to join the Rochester Lapidary Society?
A: The only step that you need to complete to join the Rochester Lapidary Society, is to complete the downloadable membership application below, and send it to the membership chairman, or bring it to one of the workshops or meetings.

Membership dues are:
— $20.00 per year for a Family Membership
— $15.00 per year for a Single Membership
— an additional $10/year per address will be collected if you would like your newsletter sent through the post office.  This is to cover postage and printing costs… we encourage all members to select the email option as it doesn’t cost anything to send an email. 

**Membership cards are only given out at Meetings and Workshops.  An electronic version will be made available for members that do not attend those functions.  Please contact the Membership Chairman if you would like an electronic copy that you can print at home or keep on your smartphone.**

Newsletters are free to all members in email form only. 

Due to a recent audit of our club’s bylaws, a new membership form has been created for everyone (new members, and renewing members) to fill out.   Click here to download a copy of the new membership form that you can either mail in or bring to a workshop or meeting.  The changes are that we require a mailing address and phone number as well as a signature at the bottom to make it official.  The Rochester Lapidary Society will never sell or share any information.If you would like to contact the Membership Chairman, please send an email by clicking here.
(If you do not get a response within a reasonable amount of time, try sending it again…sometimes the spam filter deletes the messages because a lot of spam seems to come through when you have an email address on a public website.)

Why pass up a chance to join the Rochester Lapidary Society?
There really is no reason not to join. Look at what’s included in the membership:

— Monthly meetings with interesting programs and speakers.
— Use of the club’s equipment at weekly and monthly workshops.
— Access to our library of books, magazines, and videos.
— A copy of our monthly newsletter (either by snail mail or e-mail).
— Participation in all club functions.
— Annual club competition.
— Membership in the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc.
— Access to activities and functions of the Eastern Federation, including a school at Wildacres, located in North Carolina (classes available in the Spring and Fall).
— A copy of the club by-laws (upon request through the membership email)…A printed version will be made available at a workshop or meeting if advance notice is given through the email system.
— A membership card.

Members should…
… have a positive and helpful attitude towards other members.
… have rational and reasonable behavior towards other members.
… pay their dues in a timely manner (dues are due September 1 for new year).
… take care of workshop equipment and use good maintenance towards it.
… have respect for rules in workshop and meetings.

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